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Feng Shui professional series

Bedrooms & Xuan Kong

Written By Michael Hanna

This monthly section is for the professional Practitioner and hardened enthusiast and gives advice each month on how you can use traditional cures and enhancers for your clients or your own home. If you would like to join our free monthly newsletter click here.

I thought due to popular demand do a section on little known and extremely powerful cures using Xuan Kong flying stars in the bedroom.

As you know bedrooms are considered Yin energy and you should have a bedroom ideally over a good mountain star because mountain stars need quite and Yin activity.

A good example is #8 mountain star and #2 water star; if you had a bedroom here and the outside environment supports it (higher ground, buildings or mountain) this would be very good for the occupants and create a good balanced and happy home, if however you placed a water feature (yang) here or had a Childs playroom (yang) here this would create many problems for your clients ranging from wealth to health troubles.

Now a little twist to bear in mind, what if the bedroom was a teenager's bedroom? A room that is normally very active, load noise, movement, computers, music, friends, and generally a noisy active room that is used for many hours a day, would you consider this Yin or Yang? I would speak to the client and make a judgment call as to whether the room is Yin or Yang, more often than not it is usually considered a yin room and used to activate a mountain star, if you are happy about this you would need to speak to your client and advise them to try and encourage their child to keep the noise and activity low, children are great for water stars (yang) especially younger children. If the room had a #8 water star you would ask and encourage your client to make sure their child made as much noise as possible.

To also activate a mountain star you need to make sure your client keeps windows and doors in this area closed because a window open is Yang activity and no good for a mountain star, again do not take this literally as opening the window now and again to air a room is important to refresh the energy.

Another overlooked factor is using eight mansions along with Xuan Kong, to me this is like the icing on the cake, if you have a good flying star combination for your bedroom try and get your client to face their direction that suit their needs, i.e. 'Sheng chi for wealth etc. you should also have the bedroom door facing the direction that suits them, again Sheng chi for wealth etc and not forgetting oven mouth facing direction.

Use the small 'Tai chi' for the room as well, in other words if east is a good part of the home it will also be a good area for the bedroom so a good place for the bed, this is very hard to achieve in most homes as there will be many restrictions on placement for a bed and furniture, again DO NOT place a bed in an awkward place like into a corner or against a window as the ill effects of this will more powerful.

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