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40,000 plus Links to some of the best pages on the web

is a topical directory of the Web, with more than 24,000 categories to choose from

recognizes phrases, and won't ignore the most common words that other search engines discard.

Ask Jeeves
has the answers to more than 7 million common questions, and understands plain English queries.

is the largest Web index, it will find the most documents about rare or uncommon subjects. AltaVista's Advanced Search and HotBot's Super Search find documents created within a specific date range.

Search using, Hotbot then click on the "Get the Top 10 Most Visited Sites For [Your Query] link, at the top of your results list.

Both AltaVista and HotBot let you restrict your search to specific languages.

Dogpile and Metacrawler
These are meta-search engines, meaning they simultaneously scan the indexes of multiple search engines and present you with all of the results.

This lets you refine your search using only the results from a previous query.

prioritizes results for these types of searches, presenting you with city information including maps and weather, company news and information, and sports schedules, stats, and scores.

allows Web masters to bid for position on search results for specific terms.

All links in every About.com Guide site have been carefully chosen by topic experts.

UK version of this popular directory

What's New At Yahoo
Yahoo weather
Image Surfer
Picture Achives
Email Search Engines
Yahoo Email Search
Yahoo Headlines from Wire Service

provides the first free, completely private and secure way to surf the Web anywhere, anytime.

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